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Customer Reviews for 14k Gold Men's Diamond Rings
  • Review by: Miguel - WA, USA I love rings that look weighty.I think that they show the reliability of a person
  • Review by: Daniel - WY, USA Well I don't wear too much jewelry but this time I wanted to find smth extraordinary and I came across this ring. It has an intricate design and a lot of shine. I love it
  • Review by: Herman - LA, USA looks great!
  • Review by: Austin- Canada A fabulous ring. I love the sparkle of the diamonds and a fabulous design. I am so happy to have it. Thanks itshot
  • Review by: Samantha - TX, USA It is so hard to find a perfect wedding band. I tried on so many rings and couldn't find what I wanted. you have rings on different tastes on the website. When I saw this diamond wedding band I understood that I must have it! Now I have it on my finger and I am very delighted with it! It was absolutely worth buying
  • Review by: lady b- Canada first of all I have to notice that this wedding band is very well made and looks the same as shown on the pics on your website. Secondly, it has a classic style and the diamonds do sparkle and thirdly-I LOVE IT!!:)
  • Review by: Sarah - MA, USA The first thing that struck my attention was the invisible setting type of the diamonds. This diamond wedding band looks really marvellous! I just love it!
  • Review by: Elizabeth - NY, USA I fell in love with this ring at first sight but I couldn't afford myself buying it so my fiance insisted on him buying this amazing ring and I didn't resist. :)
  • Review by: Isabel- CANADA diamonds - are girl's best friends! Stunning combination. the First time I wore it the compliments were numerous. although I normally don't like wide bands, this ring feels very comfortable.