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Princess Cut Diamond Earrings: Fine Princess Cut Diamond Earrings And Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings Both Mens And Womens, At Discounted Prices.

Customer Reviews for Princess Cut Diamond Earrings
  • Review by: Emily - DE, USA
    I received these 14K Gold Diamond Earrings in a lovely box from my hubby yesterday, the quality of these earrings is good. I love the combination of the blue yellow and white diamonds. Thnx!!!
  • Review by: Sara - MA, USA
    These gold diamond earrings are simply amazing! They are very comfortable and are easy to take off. The combination of the white, blue and yellow diamonds looks fashionable. Love love love them
  • Review by: wendy - WA, USA
    they're just the right size and i think they are both dressy and casual. The studs go with almost all my clothing. :)
  • Review by: Kaitlyn - DE, USA
    Got these fabulous diamond earrings from my parents as a Christmas gift... I couldn't be more happy!! Love them
  • Review by: Ginger - AR, USA
    I was looking for diamond studs as a present for my sister's birthday. And I finally decided to choose these ones... They have a nice design and good price! I like the thing that the blue color of the diamonds matches her eyes
  • Review by: Allison - FL, USA
    This is the best present I've ever made! I love this combination of yellow, white and blue diamonds& The earrings look really nice
  • Review by: Betsy - DE, USA
    These earrings are incredible. I've received more compliments on these sparkling studs than any other thing I own! Wear them everyday.
  • Review by: Miranda - CT, USA
    Nice earrings! got them from my parents as a Christmas gift. I'm happy
  • Review by: Rachel - DE, USA
    Cute earrings... My daughter loves them a lot and wears them quite often&
  • Review by: James - DE, USA
    My wife was definitely happy when she got these studs from me. She told me that she always dreamt of diamond earrings like these. They look cute on her:)
Princess Cut Diamond Earrings
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