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Customer Reviews for Other Womens Diamond Pendants
  • Review by: Sydney - DE, USA I find this diamond anchor pendant trendy.... My boyfriend likes when I wear it
  • Review by: Melanie - NM, USA I FOUND A PENDAND TO GO WITH MY GOLD CHAIN!It is very cute
  • Review by: Aaliyah - ME, USA I already have drop earrings and I was looking for a pendant for my chain to have a complete set
  • Review by: Marissa - CA, USA I bought this Diamond Teddy Bear Pendant as a gift for my 16year old daughter. She was amazed! Well, it really looks very girlie and cute
  • Review by: Ava - DE, USA when I saw this small cute teddy bear pendant the first thing that was in my head - " I have to buy it for my daughter". It looks so adorable on her! I don't regret buying it
  • Review by: Nick Richi - California, United States I bought this pendant for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day :) Needless to say, she melted when she saw it. I think any girl, little or not so much will be happy to have this cute piece of jewelry.
  • Review by: Aggie - WA, USA saw this beetle pendant and understood that it should definitely be mine... The design is so funny. Looks really nice on me.
  • Review by: Jenny - DE, USA the pendant is so small,sparkly and nice. my darling gave it to me. I was so happy with it. The sparkle is unbelievable. It is so pretty.
  • Review by: Rose - IN, USA My daughter loved this pendant- it's simple, but elegant and she wears it everywhere. Very pretty, good choice to be a gift:)
  • Review by: Julie- GERMANY this small diamond star pendant is wonderful. Purchased it for my sister whom I love a lot. She was so excited with it and told me that I am the best sister.