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Diamond Bangle Bracelets

Customer Reviews for Diamond Bangle Bracelets
  • Review by: Lauren - FL, USA I am the kind of woman that loves expensive and high quality jewelry and the man whom I date knows about that=) so on my b-day he gave me this Lion Head Designer Diamond Bracelet and pleased me 100 %. I was very impressed by it! It is the best bracelet now in my collection
  • Review by: Bannie - FL, USA The bracelet definitely stands out! I got it from my husband on my birthday. I love the unique design and get a lot of compliments on it& I'm very happy
  • Review by: Kayla - MS, USA I love sparkle so I was very happy when my man presented this wonderful lion head bracelet to me& Gorgeous! I enjoy wearing it on special occasions and I feel like a queen! Exactly what I wanted to have on my wrist:)
  • Review by: Anna - DE, USA I wanted to find a nice bracelet that will look great and I wanted to wear it only on special occasions! When I received this great bracelet I understood that I am very happy to have it! With some of my evening dresses It looks gorgeous! I get a lot of compliments everytime I wear it! I am very happy:)
  • Review by: Molly - FL, USA I received this bracelet just a few days ago and when I took it out of the box, l could not believe how beautiful and expensive it looked. Gorgeous!
  • Review by: Katherine - ID, USA It was better than I could ever imagine! This black diamond bracelet is gorgeous! My husband bought this bracelet for our 11th anniversary and I absolutely love it! I'm happy with its quality and will ask my hubby to present something from ItsHot again
  • Review by: Julia - OH, USA An adorable bracelet! Great design and fast shipping.Like it so much!
  • Review by: Julia - UT, USA This Gold Blue Diamond Bangle Bracelet is fabulous.... I adore it! I love the intricate design of it
  • Review by: Jessy - MD, USA This bracelet is very beautiful. It sparkles brightly in the sunlight ! It looks really nice to wear on special occasions.
  • Review by: Greg - TN, USA I decided to purchase this bracelet for my beloved wife. She has a lot of diamond jewelry(rings, necklaces, earrings& )& but she didn't have any diamond bracelets& so I wanted to change the situation and to surprise her with this nice bracelet. Sh