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Round Diamond Engagement Settings: Masterfully Crafted Womens Round Diamond Engagement Settings At Discounted Prices.

Customer Reviews for Round Diamond Engagement Settings
  • Review by: Emily - WA, USA
    My boyfriend proposed me with this ring and I fell in love with it!It is very cute
  • Review by: Fernando- Brazil
    was afraid that my girlfriend will not like this ring but when I gave her this ring she started to cry.:) she told me that these were tears of joy.She liked the ring a lot
  • Review by: George - MA, USA
    I proposed my girlfriend with this ring and she was etremely happy. So that means that she was pleased with it.
  • Review by: Tyler - TX, USA
    bought this ring and chose the diamond of the round shape to be placed in the center of the ring. she was pleased with my choice
  • Review by: William - NY, USA
    thanks for your help ItsHot. She loved everything-the mounting and the blue sapphire in the middle.
  • Review by: Helen - RI, USA
    I searched for so long to find a ring like this one. and I've finally found it! It's very sparkly and looks so expensive. This ring is the perfect size! loveee!
Round Diamond Engagement Settings
5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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Round Diamond Engagement Settings

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