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Customer Reviews for Fancy Color Diamond Pendants
  • Review by: Jordan - NY, USA
    purchased this Diamond Leo Zodiac Sign Pendant for myself and like it very much. when I wear it everyone knows who is the boss. Lol
  • Review by: Michael - Texas, US
    Homer is the man with this showcase gold!
  • Review by: Zach - FL, USA
    we bought this pendant for a friend. It is prettier in person
  • Review by: Sydney - DE, USA
    I find this diamond anchor pendant trendy.... My boyfriend likes when I wear it
  • Review by: Ashton - MA, USA
    I am a musician and this pendant is exactly for me! I have got it from people who love my music .... I was very happy to get it
  • Review by: Helen- AUSTRALIA
    My husband is a pianist and l am very proud of him. So, l bought this gorgeous diamond piano pendant for him, and he really loved my present. The quality is really impressive. Now my husband's colleagues are very jealous. lol:)
  • Review by: Carry - KY, USA
    my husband gave me this diamond pendant as a gift on our anniversary and I couldn't be happier! It is gorgeous!!! When I put it on I couldn't stop gazing at it! A fabulous pendant! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!
  • Review by: Ariana - LA, USA
    Unique design and high quality. it goes with almost everything! I have received a lot of compliments while wearing this Diamond Pendant.
  • Review by: Riley - LA, USA
    I GOT THIS CUTE KEY PENDANT FROM MY BOYFRIEND ON ST. VALENTINE'S DAY. It looks adorable. When he gave me this pendant he told me that it is the key to his heart. It was so romantic& .
  • Review by: Faith- CANADA
    Beautiful key pendant! I love its feminine look. It was a nice present from my sister for my birthday
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Fancy Color Diamond Pendants

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