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  • Review by: Jordan - NY, USA purchased this Diamond Leo Zodiac Sign Pendant for myself and like it very much. when I wear it everyone knows who is the boss. Lol
  • Review by: Michael - Texas, US Homer is the man with this showcase gold!
  • Review by: Ashton - MA, USA I am a musician and this pendant is exactly for me! I have got it from people who love my music .... I was very happy to get it
  • Review by: Helen- AUSTRALIA My husband is a pianist and l am very proud of him. So, l bought this gorgeous diamond piano pendant for him, and he really loved my present. The quality is really impressive. Now my husband's colleagues are very jealous. lol:)
  • Review by: Jessica - FL, USA A very unusual Gold Diamond Tiger Pendant ! It has an exquisite design . It looks very good on me
  • Review by: Elisa - MA, USA I ordered this tiger pendant for my husband. It was a great present for our anniversary. I wanted to buy him a pendant that he could wear daily. This one is incredible with its own style and design! The quality and the workmanship are great so we are both satisfied with my choice
  • Review by: Jey Jo - NY, USA this one is soo trendy! My dad surprised me with this present.....a real masterpiece. THE DIAMONDS ARE CLEAR! I adore it. the best pendant ever
  • Review by: David - OH, USA This trendy pendant is a must have. Everyone loves it on me.
  • Review by: Laura- Australia This is a very pretty guitar pendant. It was a birthday gift for my daughter who has her own band at school. She loves it and all her friends wanted to know where she got it.:)
  • Review by: Joanna - MS, USA I was amazed by this diamond guitar pendant. It has a very unusual and interesting design. magnificent. It looks so great. I am a musician so it in some way it demonstrates my soul:)