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Customer Reviews for Cushion Cut Engagement Rings
  • Review by: AC&TS - Chicago, Il, US
    Stunning! Gorgeous! Unique! I love my engagement ring! The diamonds are EVERYWHERE, and sparkles at every angle! It was appraised for almost triple what we paid. Just love it, so happy it's mine!
  • Review by: Chloe - GA, USA
    She absolutely loves this engagement ring! The diamonds are so shiny. Everyone tells compliments on her fab ring.
  • Review by: Frida - AL, USA
    spent so much time looking for that special ring for her& she is quite picky so I was a little bit nervous that she will not like it& .she was very excited and I am so happy that I saw that happy reaction on her face
  • Review by: Maison - DE, USA
    this ring looks perfect on her nice finger& it has a very nice design that she likes and a very unique look& I am happy to have noticed this beautiful ring on your website
  • Review by: Barbara - LA, USA
    My boyfriend gave me this ring for our engagement ceremony last year as an engagement ring and I loved it! especially I love the champagne color of the diamond which makes this ring even more unique!
  • Review by: Paula - DE, USA
    I loved the ring from the moment I saw it, very unique design. Especially the big diamond of the champagne color that is placed in the center .Good job ,guys
  • Review by: Lina - NY, USA
    I love the intricate design of this ring. I think it is very noticeable because of the special color of the diamond in the middle... Thanks to my bf who made a proposal with this fantastic engagement ring:)
  • Review by: Jason - NY, USA
    Adorable engagement ring... I have always been happy with the jewelry that I buy on Itshot. But this ring was a special choice for the most important day in my life. She loved everything in the ring: the style, the shape and the dazzling diamonds! She said yes and I couldn't be more happy!! I have already recommended your website to my friends and family
  • Review by: Erik - RI, USA
    When I saw this ring for the first time I liked the design of it. Especially the big diamond of the champagne color that is placed in the center. Will make the proposal tomorrow and am a little bit nervous& but I am sure she will love it. Good job,
  • Review by: Kylie- New Zealand
    I love the unusual style of this engagement ring& My boyfriend proposed with it to me last week. You can't imagine how much I was impressed by it. The sparkle is unbelievable and the quality of the diamonds is on a high level.
Cushion Cut Engagement Rings 5 out of 5 based on 90 ratings
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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Truly expressive, Cushion Cut Engagement Rings are the ones that leap out at spectators. They usually draw more than once glance because of their size and the brilliance of the stones used to create the effect. The quality craftsmanship of the piece begs the recognition of anyone around the area. Cushion Cut Engagement Rings are the king of rings that take your breath away.

Long Lasting Ode to Love

Engagement rings are meant to be promises. Cushion Cut Engagement Rings are designed to show that love can and will last a lifetime. That a promise made is meant to be kept. They are built to last for as long as your love lasts. Until the end of the world and even until eternity. These rings don't just make a statement, they stand by it 100%.

No other human expression of love has endured so long as the giving of gifts to secure a promise of everlasting love. These gifts are symbolic, meant to represent the love in question. For this purpose, there is no better way to show off how much your love someone than getting them a unique looking Cushion Cut Engagement Ring. Combining legendary craftsmanship with the promise of a lifetime is something no one can ignore.

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