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Customer Reviews for Other Diamond Earrings
  • Review by: Erin - OR, USA when I saw these butterfly earrings I undersood that I must have them.... I got them rather fast! I love them a lot! In person they look much better than on the picture
  • Review by: Isabel - AL, USA I can't express how lovely these butterfly earrings are! I like to wear them with some of my cocktail dresses and with casual wear. They look really great on me! I am very pleased with them!
  • Review by: Gianna- 0 Cute and beautiful. And, by the way, the right size for wearing them every day! These pretty diamond butterflies look great in my ears
  • Review by: Eva - HA, USA These beautiful diamond butterfly earrings remind me of my trip to Malaysia& .my bf surprised me with them one evening& like the earrings very much:)
  • Review by: Abby Graham - Armed Forces Pacific, United States These earrings are absolutely beautiful. Stunningly simple, delicate in appearance, yet sturdy enough for everyday wear. They sparkle, have secure screw backs, and are utterly perfect. And somehow bigger than I expected, which is nice! But just the right size. Communication was wonderful, and packaging high quality and lovely. Highly recommend these, and this site!
  • Review by: Vanessa - CT, USA the first thing that I thought about these flower earrings is that they will look great on my girlfriend so I decided to purchase them for her and I am very happy that I did it! I hit the nail on the head because they really look good on her
  • Review by: Lucy - SD, USA fabulous earrings! So happy to wear them. Great quality, affordable price. Very impressed by the sparkle.
  • Review by: Megan - MN, USA yesterday when I just entered the house my husband gave me these earrings and told me that they are a surprise for his beloved wife& .:))that was so nice of him:)
  • Review by: Sydney- Australia The quality of these diamond studs is good... What a great buy. Love wearing them
  • Review by: Leslie- Australia These earrings are very nice. I can wear them on many occasions and they look beautiful and special. Price is good and affordable;) I fell in love with these flower designed earrings:):)