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Customer Reviews for Other Diamond Earrings
  • Review by: Erin - OR, USA when I saw these butterfly earrings I undersood that I must have them.... I got them rather fast! I love them a lot! In person they look much better than on the picture
  • Review by: Isabel - AL, USA I can't express how lovely these butterfly earrings are! I like to wear them with some of my cocktail dresses and with casual wear. They look really great on me! I am very pleased with them!
  • Review by: Gianna- 0 Cute and beautiful. And, by the way, the right size for wearing them every day! These pretty diamond butterflies look great in my ears
  • Review by: Eva - HA, USA These beautiful diamond butterfly earrings remind me of my trip to Malaysia& .my bf surprised me with them one evening& like the earrings very much:)
  • Review by: Vanessa - CT, USA the first thing that I thought about these flower earrings is that they will look great on my girlfriend so I decided to purchase them for her and I am very happy that I did it! I hit the nail on the head because they really look good on her
  • Review by: Lucy - SD, USA fabulous earrings! So happy to wear them. Great quality, affordable price. Very impressed by the sparkle.
  • Review by: Megan - MN, USA yesterday when I just entered the house my husband gave me these earrings and told me that they are a surprise for his beloved wife& .:))that was so nice of him:)
  • Review by: Leslie- Australia These earrings are very nice. I can wear them on many occasions and they look beautiful and special. Price is good and affordable;) I fell in love with these flower designed earrings:):)
  • Review by: Sydney- Australia The quality of these diamond studs is good... What a great buy. Love wearing them
  • Review by: Darya - MA, USA I am so pleased with these String Diamond Earrings! Good qulity ! Nice design