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Diamond Drop Earrings: Wholesale Prices On Ladies/Womens Diamond Drop Earrings And Diamond Teardrop Earrings.

Customer Reviews for Diamond Drop Earrings
  • Review by: Sofia - DC, USA
    these designer drop earrings are simply stunning! they are a real work of art! The quality is great! I wear them only on special occasions with my evening dresses.they look fabulous
  • Review by: Ava - PA, USA
    I got these designer drop earrings from my admirer and totally fell in love with them! They are luxurious. The quality is amazing! They are definitely my favorite! love love love them
  • Review by: Darya - MA, USA
    I am so pleased with these String Diamond Earrings! Good qulity ! Nice design
  • Review by: Ashley - NY, USA
    purchased these diamond string earrings for my daughter as a graduation gift and she was thrilled.... she was very pleased with them.... High quality earrings!thanks
  • Review by: Deseray - NV, USA
    I love these elegant earrings. I like to wear them with some of my evening dresses and they look wonderful. Thank you, itshot
  • Review by: Laurie - CO, USA
    Lovely earrings. Love their style and sparkling diamonds. Very happy with my purchase
  • Review by: Ronald - NC, USA
    Lovely earrings. have purchased from itshot on many occasions and have never had any problems with delivery or quality.
  • Review by: Taylor - AR, USA
    I got these string diamond earrings from my man after dinner, In a restaurant! In a couple of seconds they were in my ears. These earrings have a very classy and luxurious design! I usually wear them with my evening and cocktail dresses! My man did a good job while choosing them for me.=)
  • Review by: Alexa - FL, USA
    They look amazing. I wear them only on special occasions with some of my evening dresses. The best gift I have ever received from a man
  • Review by: Betty - NV, USA
    have bought these earrings for my daughter as a present for her birthday......she liked the triple string design and she wears them when our family goes out somewhere
Diamond Drop Earrings
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Diamond Drop Earrings

Imagine a woman walking into a gala wearing midnight blue and a pair of stunning diamond drop earrings. What words would you use to define such a woman? Sophisticated? Elegant? Classy? You would probably choose these words and more. Quality jewelry can create an impression that is nearly unobtainable through any other means. That is why we do what we do here at

Our Mission
We work hard to design, create, and provide luxurious diamond jewelry that satisfies the needs of our customers. Typically, these pieces are bought for special occasions, such as the gala event listed above. Our diamond drop earrings are stunning, but that is not the only selection we produce. We offer over 20,000 different kinds of diamond jewelry.

Why Trust Us?
We realize that trust is hard to come by these days; however, we can assure you that we desire to do business with you legitimately and authentically - no strings attached. For example, if you choose to purchase a pair of diamond drop earrings, we will not use pushy sales tactics or other not-so-pleasant business practices. We just want to provide you with what you want: quality jewelry. All our items come with full 30 days money back guarantee, there are absolutely no restocking fees and we also offer free, fully insured shipping within continental USA, so you can shop with us worry free.

Contact Us
Access our contact information and feel free to approach one of our friendly team members with any questions you may have about who we are, what we do, or how we do it.

We are excited to help you find exactly what you have been looking for.

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