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  • Review by: Justin - UT, USA
    I finally got up courage to make a proposal to my girfriend. I knew that she deserves only the best so it was a big problem for me to find her a ring that she will like! When I saw this ring I understood that she will definitely love it! And she really did! She loved the intricate design and the the light yellow color of diamond in the center!! Very soon I want to buy a wedding band for her from your website.....Thank you
  • Review by: Avery - AK, USA
    Wow I love this ring! My husband bought it for me and I thought it was going to be too big because I wear a size 5 but it has turned out to be one of my very favorite rings! You canot go wrong with this purchase for yourself. I Love it and I love my husband! It fits so smoothly and it stays in place and does not turn. Gorgeous ring
  • Review by: Julia - AR, USA
    I received this diamond ring 2 days ago and I am so happy to own it. It is luxurious, fabulous, gorgeous!!! I love the big diamond in the center and the small fancy yellow diamonds on the sides.... A high end ring
  • Review by: Mary- Germany
    Amazing diamond engagement ring!!! I love its style and the way the diamonds sparkle... Just in love with it:)
  • Review by: Caroline- CANADA
    this designer drop ring is beautiful and is of a great quality. I love the intricate design, the sparkle, and the way it looks on my finger. thank you! You make shopping online a pleasure.:)
  • Review by: Autumn- CANADA
    I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to finally own this amazing ring. I get so many compliments on it. I simply love it.
  • Review by: Amia- UK
    lovely ring. It is elegant and beautiful... Thanks ItsHot
  • Review by: Luisa - AR, USA
    My man gave me this wonderful ring for my birthday. I was delighted! I love the way it looks on my finger. I love wearing it on special occasions.
  • Review by: Flora - CA, USA
    Very beautiful and sparkling diamond ring. It looks so trendy. I love it so much :)
  • Review by: Abigail - NV, USA
    last night my boyfriend presented me these diamond heart earrings and I was shoked. How could he know that I was dreaming about them for a long time? He surprised me a lot. When I put them on I couldn't take my eyes of them! They are marvellous, stylish and have a fabulous design. The quality of the diamonds is exceptinal. High end earrings! The best gift in my life

Designer Jewelry

Luccello Jewelry
Luccello Jewelry epitomizes the look, feel, and quality of sublime luxury. Their artisans, who are among the bijouterie elite, were all hand-picked and brought together with the purpose of creating the ultimate milieu in Diamonds. The quality of Diamonds are typically VVS1 to VS2 clarity and in the F-G color range.
Tiffany Jewelry
Tiffany jewelry is synonymous with luxury, romance, style and quality. Find a genuine Tiffany necklace, gold charm bracelet or one of the unique engagement rings here at Every designer jewelry piece comes in that lovely Tiffany blue box and makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

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